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All you need to know about Cellulitis (left foot)


A common bacterial infection which affects the left foot.

If left untreated, cellulitis can be life-threatening. [1]

- Can be medically treated.
- Lab tests and imaging are rarely required.
- Short-term: Can be resolved within days to weeks.

Cellulitis (left foot) is a common bacterial skin infection affecting the left foot. It usually infects the deep layers of your skin, including the dermis and the connective tissue which forms the bottom layers of the skin. Cellulitis is quite painful and is more common among elderly patients who have weak immune systems as well as chronic high blood sugars.


If you suffer from Cellulitis (left foot), you may notice the following,
- Not Self-Diagnosable – Skin appears to be red and swollen.
- Blister and red rashes on the skin
- High fever and malaise.
- Formation of pus on the left foot.


Self-care: Although it is necessary to apply medications, you can do the following to help relieve the pain,
- Keep the infected area clean.
- Wear protective equipment while working or playing.
- Elevate the area to help reduce discomfort and swelling.
Medications: Using antibiotics and certain types of penicillin antibiotics can help in killing the existing bacteria and prevent it from growing in the future.
Specialists: Seek immediate medical attention from your doctor in case you find that the infection is spreading rapidly.
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