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The burn of the unspecified body region


A condition where the skin cells are destroyed due to exposure to heat.

A death toll of 180000 is estimated every year due to burns. [1]

- Can be classified into 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree based on the severity
- Burns can be due to chemical, electrical, thermal, exfoliate skin disorders, etc.
- Immediate medical assistance is required
- Treatment varies according to the injured body region and the severity

Minor burns heal themselves automatically when the skin regenerates. In case of major burns, new skin cannot regenerate quickly leaving the body open to infections from bacteria. Hence, serious burns are treated with skin grafting.

Ages affected: Affects all age groups

Symptoms include swelling and appearance of blisters around the burned area

People may experience

Extreme pain and burning sensation in the injured area
Skin becomes dry, leathery and appears in different color in third-degree burns.


Self-care: For minor burns, run cold water over the burned area. Honey and aloe vera can also be applied.

Medication: Painkillers, ointments, and antibiotics can be taken depending on the severity and as per doctor's prescription.

Specialist: Book an appointment with mfine, our specialized treatment systems, and effective therapies will help you on the road to recovery.

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