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Hematochezia is a condition when you get blood in stool. The blood may come from intestinal walls or gastric tracts. Only good general physicians can detect the main cause and treat the patients.

Blood in Stool Symptoms

An alert patient can ascertain the seriousness of this condition with some blood in stool symptoms:

Sudden cramps – If you suffer from regular stomach or abdominal cramps, then you need to see a doctor immediately.

Swelling in lower abdomen – A sudden swelling in lower abdomen is another symptom of this disorder.

Constipation – Chromic constipation also prevents smooth bowel movement. It is another indicator of hematochezia.

Fatigue – If you suffer from fatigue, then it can signal this disease.

Dizziness – A general surgeon points out that frequent dizziness is also an indicator of hematochezia.

Blood in Stool Causes

Peptic Ulcer – Peptic and rectum ulcers are two primary blood in stool causes.

Necrotizing Enterocolitis – Patients with Necrotizing Enterocolitis are more prone to suffer from this disorder.

Food poisoning – People with weak digestive tracts may develop this condition. Food intolerance or poisoning is another common cause.

Anal fissures – Anal fissures may also trigger blood discharge in stool.

Diagnosing Blood in Stool

Only good doctors, listed on mfine, can detect the seriousness of this condition. Proper diagnosis is a must for concrete blood in stool treatment. With stool and blood tests, doctors will be able to get an idea about the disease. Physical examinations will also come in handy.

Other Disorders and Blood in Stool

This disease is easily curable. No matter what the cause is, you require prompt medical attention. Lack of proper treatment can turn the ulcers in cancer infections. Rectum cancer is rather painful and fatal.

Treating Blood in Stool

A blood in stool specialist can suggest one of the many medications. There are topical ointments and pills to offer speedy relief. If the condition is severe, then you may need to opt for minor surgery.

Find Blood in Stool Specialists at mfine

Only the best blood in stool doctors near you can offer speedy recovery. With mfine, you can check the qualification of any general surgeon. Compare the specialists’ profiles, and book an appointment online. It is the simplest way to attain freedom from medical complications.

If you find it difficult to get details of reputed medical practitioners, the mfine offers the best solution.

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