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Blepharitis explained with symptoms and treatment


A condition where there is excessive swelling of the upper and lower eyelids.

Blepharitis can occur at any age in the eyes. It is caused by the presence of bacteria in the eyelids. [1]

- Can be self-diagnosed
- Not contagious
- Physical examination is needed and sometimes skin test
- Incurable but can be treated to control symptoms

Blepharitis is a relatively common problem among the people. Often, personal hygiene modification can prevent this disease. Although not much pain, it definitely causes unease and other complications.


Self-diagnosable – in the common form it can be diagnosed with prominent symptoms. Sometimes swab test by doctors may be conducted
Redness and swelling of the eyes with watery eyes
Photosensitivity may be experienced in chronic cases
Crusts and flakes around the eyelids
Eye-lash loss in rare cases


Self-care: wash the area around the eye with warm water. Warm compress may be used to soften the crusts around lids. The eyes have to be kept dandruff free. Eye makeup must be avoided at all cost.

Medicines: Topical cyclosporine may be applied.
In severe cases, antibiotics and steroids may be prescribed to ease symptoms.
Eye drops may also be used to ease inflammation. Doctors may prescribe eyelid scrubs.

Specialists: Usually self-treatable but if case persists then immediate specialist care must be resorted to. mfine is the correct choice for a one-stop solution to all discomforts.

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