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Considered as one of the most serious conditions, anal dysplasia is an affliction where the cells in the rectum transform abnormally. Though it is not considered as serious as cancer, yet it still is one step removed from such a stage and requires the treatment from a General Surgeon as soon as possible

Anal dysplasia Symptoms

Though there may not be many distinguishable symptoms for such an affliction, there are still pointers available that can help to recognize it effectively. The Anal dysplasia symptoms are as following:

    • Anal bleeding
    • A mass at the opening of the anus
    • Pain in the anus
    • Discharge of mucus from the anus
    • Change in bowel movement patterns
    • Straining during bowel movements
    • Swollen glands in the anus

Causes of Anal dysplasia

The main reason behind the anal dysplasia cause is the abnormal functioning of the cells in the anal area. The occurrence of such an affliction is mainly caused due to infection from sexually transmitted disease and the invasive virus that may attacks cells in the anal region. Following are the few causes responsible such kind of anomaly:

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Sexually transmitted infection
  • Genital herpes (HSV)

HIV & Anal dysplasia

Anal dysplasia exhibited similar patterns to that of sexually transmitted disease at the very early stage and required immediate treatment by the General Surgeon. Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and other can be responsible for such an affliction and have shown direct relation in many cases.

Diagnosing Anal dysplasia

Anal dysplasia specialists can diagnose such afflictions with only two types of tests, namely an anal pap and a high-resolution anoscopy.

Anal Dysplasia Treatment

Anal dysplasia treatment due to its similarity to cancerous growths also requires similar treatment but on a much smaller scale. Such treatment generally involves infrared cautery that targets and destroys the abnormal cells.

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