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Epididymitis refers to the inflammation of Epididymis, that is, the structure next to testicles. Orchitis is the inflammation of the testicles. Since the structures lie next to each other, the condition gets known as epididymo orchitis. A general surgeon is the specialist you need for the treatment of epididymo orchitis.

Epididymo Orchitis Symptoms

The epididymoorchitis symptoms develop quickly, mostly within a day. The testicles swell up and the scrotum gets enlarged, red, and tender. It is really painful. The symptoms also include high fever and pain while passing urine. Discharge from the penis is also common.

Epididymo Orchitis Causes

Infection is the main epididymo orchitis causes. The infection can take place due to:

  • Complication arising from urine infections
  • Sexually transmitted disorders
  • The virus from mumps
  • Urethra or Prostate operations
  • Side effects of taking the medicine named amiodarone
  • Infection from brucellosis and tuberculosis

Diagnosing Epididymo Orchitis

A physical examination gets done to understand the severity of the condition. Your thorough medical history will also get asked. You need to see an expert general surgeon to act as your epididymo orchitis specialist in this case. The good thing is that finding such a specialist is now easier than ever with mfine by your side. You can log on to the website to avail all the details for a consultation.

Other Diseases Related To Epididymo Orchitis

There are several diseases related to epididymo orchitis. It can indicate the presence of urethral or urine infection. The specialists also test for common STIs as they can lead to epididymo orchitis. It can also come from measles and rubella if the person does not get vaccinated properly as a child.

Treating Epididymo Orchitis

If the primary epididymo orchitis treatment options fail, then surgery is the best way you have of finding a cure.

Get the advice from the renowned epididymo orchitis doctors near you before you undergo the operation. The general surgeons listed on mfine are adept at making sure that you get back to the prime of health. The operation will go smoothly without any post-operative complications.

Find the specialists easily with mfine and start the treatment.

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