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Hypertrophy of breast means excessive growth in the female breast. It is rare, and only a few hundred females have this condition. The mammary gland tissues grow at an unprecedented rate. Only a general surgeon or general physician can suggest that breast reduction is not an ideal option.
Hypertrophy of Breast Symptoms
Breast pain – Women that suffer from this disorder experience pain in their breasts. Only a general physician or general surgeon can offer proper hypertrophy of breast treatment.

Shoulder and backache – A continuous pain in back, neck and shoulder areas are common hypertrophy of breast symptoms.

No sensation in nipples – Some patients say that they don’t have any sensation around the nipples.

Breast itching – Women often experience itching in the breast area. This is a direct result of breast skin infection.

Redness – Some women may see redness around the nipples and overall breast area.
Hypertrophy of Breast Causes
Pregnancy – Pregnancy ranks at the top of the hypertrophy of breast causes list. You can prevent this condition with proper medication that will not harm the unborn child.

Puberty – The female body goes through several changes during the teenage years. Sudden hormonal imbalance during these years can trigger this condition.

Autoimmune diseases – Some autoimmune disorders can also be the primary cause of this condition.

Medicinal side-effects – Many medicines have adverse effects on the female body. It can also trigger hypertrophy in the female breast.
Diagnosing Hypertrophy of Breast
When you book an online appointment with mfine, the doctors will examine the size of your breasts. They will also run other physical tests. Mammogram, hormonal tests and blood culture reports will come in handy during diagnosis.
Other Disorders and Hypertrophy of Breast
If you don’t attain proper treatment, then the mammary glands suffer from permanent damage. Unprecedented growth in the female breasts increases the chances of breast cancer. Only a general physician or general surgeon can detect the seriousness and refer to an oncologist.
Treating Hypertrophy of Breast
A general physician will prescribe some over the counter pills to reduce the swelling. Surgery is another option. For this, you need to get in touch with a general surgeon or hypertrophy of breast specialist. Hormonal treatment also offers satisfactory results.
Find Hypertrophy of Breast Specialists at mfine
On mfine, you can check the qualification of all hypertrophy of breast doctors near you. Each specialist has his/her separate profile. The profile also offers information about the doctors’ qualifications and experiences.

mfine is the perfect platform for all who desire treatment from the best in the business.

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