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What is Viral Rhinorrhea? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


An extremely common condition of a runny nose caused due to viral infections.

An extremely common condition found in children. Most children are diagnosed with this condition 5 to 7 times a year. [1]

- Prevalent among boys and girls, men and women
- Caused due to viral infections
- Medications required for relief and cure
- Short term: can be cured easily
- Common condition

The condition of rhinorrhea is extremely common. The viral rhinorrhea is affected by human body due to viral infections. It causes congestion in the nose due to the runny nature of the nose. Can be treated and curable through medicines.

Ages affected Can occur to those of any age group, more prevalent among children


Self diagnosable
Symptoms of the common cold and flu can be reported to a doctor. Can be self-diagnosable and can be caused due to a variety of factors such as dry air, allergies, common cold, flu and so on.

People may experience
Cold runny nose and the common cold
Sneezes sneezes may add to the condition
Tenderness tenderness in the nose


Good amount of rest should be taken. Drinking plenty of fluids helps. Can inhale steam from hot water for relief.

Depending on the situation, suitable medications will be given by the doctor for relief with decongestants. Antibiotics may be advised in extreme cases or prolonged illness.

In the case of the above-mentioned symptoms, contact your health care provider for further treatment. At mfine, we are there to provide you with complete healthcare program and treatment.

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