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Unspecified Viral Hepatitis B

About :

Hepatitis B is a viral infection or disease that strikes the liver and can result in both chronic and acute disorder.

Only 5% to 10% of adults and children older than 5 who have hepatitis B end up with a chronic infection. [1]

- It causes scarring of the organ, cancer, and liver failure.
- Hepatitis B is caused by the hepatitis B virus.
- It may come in contact with body or infected blood fluids of friends or family members
- Chronic hepatitis B is not curable.

Virus is communicated via connection with the blood or different body liquids of a contaminated person.

Ages affected - very old > 60 - least; between 31-40 - more often; 21-30 - most often

Symptoms of Viral Hepatitis B -
Symptoms and Signs of hepatitis B vary from moderate to rigorous. They normally resemble around 1 to 4 months after you have been affected.
Hepatitis B symptoms may incorporate :
- Dark Urine
- Abdominal pain
- Fever
- Joint pain
- Vomiting and Nausea
- Loss of Appetite
- Weakness and Tiredness
- Jaundice i.e. whites of your eyes and yellowing of your skin

Causes of Hepatitis B Virus -
The virus is transferred from a person to the other via semen, blood, or various other body liquids. It does not transmit through coughing or sneezing.


Self Care - A good protein diet encourages your immune system and assists it to fight off the disease.

Medication - If you do get infected, your physician may place you on bed sleep to assist you to get better quicker.

Specialists - If you believe you have been revealed to the virus, contact a doctor as early as practicable. For further more details on diseases and its cures visit mfine.

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