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Venolymphatic malformation: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


Venolymphatic malformations are the abnormal enlargement of the veins at the time of birth. Because of the abnormal enlargement, blood flow through these veins is slow.

Among the venolymphatic malformations, Hemangioma is seen in newborn infants and as small as 3 months old.(1)

- These malformations form at the time when the fetus is developing and are present at the time of birth. However, it may not be easy to notice them at birth.
- The probability of occurrence is 1 or 2 in 10,000.
- The condition can be diagnosed by a physical exam. More imaging tests can help to determine the severity of the condition such as the MRI and computed tomographic.

Although the main cause of the condition is not known, most likely there is a possibility of them being passed on genetically.


People with this condition may experience:
- A decrease in motor control and sensation.
- Enlargement observed in the particular body part that is affected
- Raised bubble-like formations under the skin, which may be either red or colorless
- Soft blue patches just underneath the skin


Self-care: As the disease is about malformations, there is not much one can do to help the condition.

Surgery: Surgical removal of the overgrowth of a body part.
Sclerotherapy: This method is used for extra-truncular venous malformations.
Laser treatment
Embolization: Venolymphatic malformation can be treated by carrying out embolization. Embolization is a process which is carried out to stop the arterial bleeding. However, it is a technique that blocks the blood flow in blood vessels without having to perform extensive surgery.
It can treat lymphatic malformation by disallowing the blood flow into this abnormal enlargement under the skin.

Specialists: At mfine, we believe in recommending treatment programs to our patients by taking in the detailed medical history and suggesting programs that would be beneficial in treating their condition.

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