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1. An acute illness caused by the bacteria Salmonella Enterica Serotype Typhi bacteria, typhoid fever, is an infection that spreads through contaminated food and water.
In such cases, consulting a general physician or pediatrician can turn out to be highly effective.
Typhoid fever Symptoms
If typhoid is detected early on, it can be effectively treated with anti-infection medications. The typhoid fever symptoms for such a condition are as follows:

abdominal pain

Causes of Typhoid fever
The main reasons that are responsible for typhoid fever cause are contamination. The following points state the reason behind such an affliction:

contact with previously infected persons
using contaminated water and food source
airborne insects as carriers

Typhoid Fever & Diarrhea
Though both are different types of disorders, typhoid may in some cases result in light diarrhea. Both typhoid and diarrhea effect the large and small intestines thereby causing frequent owl movements and abdominal pain. Therefore, in such cases, the expertise of a general physician or a pediatrician can come in handy.
Diagnosing Typhoid Fever
Typhoid fever treatment in today’s world is found commonly in countries with hygiene and population issues and currently is the most common types of treatment given by a general doctor. Since human is the most effective carrier of such a disease, therefore, extreme care is also taken to dispose of the human waste properly and put the patient under seclusion. As such, a general physician along with a typhoid fever specialist uses his/her skill to diagnose the fever and provide medications accordingly.
Typhoid Fever Treatment
There are many ways to treat typhoid in today’s world due to rapid advances in medical science. Antibiotics like ceftriaxone help in alleviating most of the sickness to a manageable level. There are also vaccines available at general clinic and pharmacy. General physicians and pediatricians also recommend drinking lots of water.

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