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Travellers Diarrhoea: Knowing These Facts Will Help You


It is a condition in which the digestive tract gets affected leading to cramps in the abdomen. It causes loose stools. The disease is not chronic and is caused by the ingestion of poisonous or polluted food. The intestines get infected by this food which leads to loose bowels and nausea among other problems. As travellers are more prone to this disease caused by ingesting polluted food it is called as travellers diarrhoea.

Fortunately, the Travellers diarrhoea is that it may subside without the administration of any kinds of medicines.

- 30 % to 70% international travellers are believed to suffer from this condition .
- Lack of personal hygiene like not washing hands before eating, eating raw or uncooked foods can be some of the reasons why this disease may be caused.


People are likely to experience the following symptoms:
- Fever
- Nausea
- Vomiting
- Cramps in abdominal region
- Loss of appetite
- Sudden diarrhoea
- Weakness
- Bloating


Self Care:
- Maintaining proper personal hygiene
- Washing hands after visiting the toilet
- Eating perfectly cooked food

Doctors may prescribe:
- ORS intake: Intaking the oral rehydration salts will bring the level of salts and lost minerals in the body to the correct measures.

Specialists: At mfine, we believe in collecting the complete history of the patient and recommending treatment programs which would prove to be the most beneficial for them.

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