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Systemic Sclerosis: All you need to


An autoimmune disorder where the healthy tissue is destroyed because of the immune system by mistaking it to be an alien substance or infection.
Systemic Sclerosis affects people between 30-50 years; It is more common in people in their 40s. [1]
- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Women are more at risk
- Autoimmune disorder.
- Incurable
- Causes are unknown.
- Treatable by a medical professional
- Lab tests, imaging often required.
The features of systemic sclerosis can appear in other autoimmune disorders as well. When this happens, it is called a mixed connective disorder. The symptoms and severity of this condition are also called scleroderma, progressive systemic disorder or CREST syndrome. They vary from person to person and are based on the systems and organs involved. The main causes are overproduced collagen and injuries to small arteries.


People may experience the following:
1. Changes in texture and, the appearance of the skin due to increased collagen production.
2. It also affects the blood vessels, muscles, heart, digestive system, lungs, and kidneys.
3. Difficulty swallowing
4. Constipation
5. Diarrhea
6. Abdominal bloating after meals
7. A dry cough
8. Joint pain
9. Hair loss
10. Shortness of breath
11. Esophageal reflux.


Self-care: avoiding smoking, physical exercises, avoiding foods that cause heartburn is recommended.
Medications: Corticosteroids, NSAIDs, immunosuppressants are helpful.
Specialists: Consult a dermatologist for other concerns. At mfine, you can avail a comprehensive treatment plan for optimum health.

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