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Suffering from sore nipples? All you need to know


Pain and discomfort of the nipples especially in new mothers

Often having no association with cancer, a sore nipple is common in breastfeeding mothers. However, it necessarily should not last for exceeding period. [1]

- Can be self-diagnosed
- Treatment options available
- May require a physical examination
- May necessarily be not carcinogenic
- Can be indicative to underlying issues

Sore nipples can be a result of different problems and causes. Pregnancy and newly attained motherhood is the leading cause followed by others. Problems might include discharges, swelling, cracking, bleeding, and irritation among others.


Self-diagnosable – pain and change of shape of the nipples
There can be pus, clear, bloody, yellow, and green discharge from the nipples
Tenderness and pain in nipples
There can be changing shape of the nipple
Swollen, cracked, and irritated nipples


Self-Care: Whatever the cause is, ensure that before seeing a doctor you keep the nipples friction free. Wearing supportive bra and application of nipple covers.

Medicines will be dependent on the cause.
In case of infection due to bacteria, antibacterial medication will be needed.
In case of fungal infection, antifungal medication will be needed.
In case of a benign tumor, regular checkups may be needed.
Pain reliever can be aided to ease out pain.

Specialists: Visit your gynecologist as soon as possible in case you are suffering from a nipple abnormality that isn’t healing by its own. At mfine, find the best possible clinical support.

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