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Feeling drowsier than usual? Check how it may be detrimental here.


Somnolence, or sleepiness is when a patient experiences a potent inclination towards sleeping.
The risk for heart disease and cardiac arrests increases in patients with hypersomnia. [2]

-- Can be self-diagnosed
-- Lab tests or imaging seldom required
-- Medium-term: resolves within months
-- Isn’t communicable – can’t spread among people

Generally viewed as a symptom, somnolence can often transform into disorders in the form of excessive daytime sleepiness, delayed sleep phase disorder, etc. Excessive sleepiness can also manifest itself in the form of an infection, e.g. narcolepsy, fibromyalgia, etc.
Ages affected – Between 0 and 25: Rare; Between 25 and 55: Predominant; Above 55: Rare.


Usually self-diagnosable:
Symptoms include low vitality, loss of appetite, inefficient thinking, slurred speech and impediment to remembering things – all of which are reasons to consult a physician.
People may experience:
Mood disorders – depression, anxiety and stress
Brain concussions
Pains – in the neck, shoulders and the back
Increase in body weight
Not getting enough sleep at night (insomnia)


Patients are advised to bring changes into their lifestyle e.g. quitting smoking, reducing working hours, doing physical exercise, etc. Group therapy and psychiatric counseling sessions also help.

Stimulants, antidepressants and novel drugs are usually prescribed by doctors.

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