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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Symptoms and Treatment


An autoimmune disease causing inflammation in the connective tissues.

About one-third of people with SLE develop kidney diseases. (#1)

1. Treatment can help only with symptoms
2. Medically diagnosed
3. Lab tests and imaging are done
4. Chronic disease: lasts for years

An autoimmune disease is caused when the immune system attacks a body part confusing it with some foreign body. Family history is a risk factor. Inflammation affects the cartilage and lining of blood vessels. It affects skin, joints, kidneys, lungs, nervous system and blood-forming system, and may cause life-threatening damage to major organs.


1. Fatigue - severe and persistent
2. Pain in joints, muscles, chest and headaches
3. Butterfly rash - non-hurting and non-itching rash on nose, cheeks
4. Sunlight sensitivity
5. Anemia and blood clotting problems
6. Hair loss
7. Weight loss and appetite-loss
8. Ulcerations
9. Skin problems - deposits under the skin, broken blood vessels
10. Raynaud’s phenomenon - fingers turning blue, white and tingling


Self-care: Getting out with protective clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreens. Avoiding smoking and alcohol. Ensure preventive measures for heart-problems. You may get steroid creams for rashes.

Medications: Corticosteroids for decreasing immune-response, anti-inflammatory and antimalarial medicines for skin and joint problems, and blood-thinners for clotting disorders may be prescribed.

Specialists: Consult a doctor if the symptoms are evident and the condition worsens. At mfine, we provide accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plans for all health concerns under a team of qualified doctors.

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