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How To Treat Septic Thrombophlebitis?


A venous inflammation that causes blood clots to block veins in the presence of bacteria in the blood.

On average, one to two women in every 1,000 is affected with venous thrombosis during
pregnancy or just after delivery. [1]

- Can be treated by a medical professional
- Requires medical diagnosis
- Lab tests often required

In most cases, Septic thrombophlebitis occurs with intravenous catheters. However, the opposite is not true as intravenous catheters are not complicated by septic thrombophlebitis.
One of the main causes of septic thrombophlebitis is a secondary infection. This happens when a thrombosis of gynecological or obstetrical origin is infected because of the secondary microbial colonization.

Ages affected: Elder men and women, above 45-50 years


Symptoms include pain in arms, chest or legs

People may experience
Fever: Accompanied by a sore throat
Pain: Mostly in the abdominal area and redness in the affected area
Pus formation: Seldom leading to drainage of the pus
Other issues: Erythema, respiratory distress or ulceration


Medication: As part of treatment, use of anti-inflammatory agents should be avoided. Pylephlebitis can be cured with a course of broad-spectrum intravenous antibiotics and eradication of the infection.

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