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Rectocele occurs when the thin was of tissue separating the rectum from the vagina weakens causing a bulge in the wall. Such an affliction is known to occur solely among women and is caused mainly due to child birth. Therefore to find treatment swiftly, consulting a general surgeon is very important.
Rectocele Symptoms
Though there may not be many symptoms for such an affliction, there are still ways to figure out whether a patient shows the accompanying symptoms for such an affliction. The rectocele symptoms are as following:

A soft bulge of tissue in the vagina
Difficulty in bowel movement
Sensation of rectal pressure
A feeling that the rectum has not completely emptied after a bowel movement
Sexual concerns, such as feeling embarrassed or sensing looseness in the tone of vaginal tissue

Causes of Rectocele
The main reason behind the rectocele cause is the pressure on the pelvic floor.Following are the few causes responsible such kind of anomaly:

Chronic constipation or straining with bowel movements
Chronic cough or bronchitis
Repeated heavy lifting
Being overweight or obese

Rectocele & Childbirth
Considered to be related to pregnancy directly, such an affliction causes the muscle, ligaments, connective tissue supporting the vaginal wall to become stretched due to the process of childbirth. Multiple pregnancies have more chances of developing such an affliction and therefore requires the expert services of a General Surgeon in such cases.
Diagnosing Rectocele
Any rectocele specialists can diagnose such problems using a variety of methods such as conducting a pelvic exam, asking questions about bowel movement, and checking for the strength of pelvic muscles. Imaging tests such as an MRI or an x-ray may also be recommended by a doctor along with defecography.
Rectocele Treatment
Rectocele treatment can depend on the severity of the affliction. If the symptoms shows no minimal effect simple Healthcare services and measures may solve the problem such as regular exercises and physiotherapy and insertion of a pessary. However in severe cases surgery may also be needed

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