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Proctalgia fugax is pain in the anus without any specific cause. Anyone can suffer from Proctalgia fugax. However, it generally does not occur before puberty and usually affects more women than men. A general surgeon is the specialist you require for the treatment of Proctalgia fugax.
Proctalgia Fugax Symptoms
The proctalgia fugax symptoms include muscular spasms around or in the lower rectum region or around the anal canal. The pain starts suddenly and without prior warning. It generally lasts anywhere between a few seconds to thirty minutes. The pain generally surfaces during nights.
Proctalgia Fugax Causes
There are actually no particular proctalgia fugax causes. Some studies show that an issue with pudendal nerves can cause it. Other probable causes of the disorder include:

Sexual activity

It is important to mention in this regard that it can come without any probable cause or trigger.
Diagnosing Proctalgia Fugax
The specialists conduct a physical examination and also enquire about the duration and severity of pain. You need a thorough checkup from expert general surgeons to know the severity of the condition. This is where the best medical practitioners listed on mfine come into the picture. Getting all the details of the top proctalgia fugax specialist has now become easier than ever.
Other Diseases Related To Proctalgia Fugax
Proctalgia Fugax can act as an indication to other diseases that cause anal pain. The examples of such diseases include hemorrhoids, fissures, and abscesses. Vaginal hysterectomy can also lead to the disorder. Proctalgia Fugax is also similar to levatorani syndrome but in the latter case, the pain lasts longer.
Treating Proctalgia Fugax
The proctalgia fugax treatment is all about getting relief from the symptoms by managing those properly. In severe conditions, the specialists suggest going for a surgery.

Take the path of the right treatment through the expert proctalgia fugax doctors near you as you will find at mfine. The surgical procedure carried out under expert supervision will make you forget you ever had the pain. So, opt for a direct visit or get online consultation today.

Find the experienced specialists near you in a hassle-free manner with mfine.

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