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Perianal Hematoma refers to the collection of a pool of blood in the tissue around the anus. Generally, a bleeding or ruptured vein leads to Perianal Hematoma. A general surgeon is the specialist you need for the treatment of the disorder.
Perianal Hematoma Symptoms
A bluish bruise under the skin is the most prominent of all perianal hematoma symptoms. Even small lumps the size of a raisin can get felt in the anal region. Other important symptoms include:

Bulgingor bubbling skin near the anus
Severe or mild pain, depending on the size
Bloody stools

Perianal Hematoma Causes
Anything that puts pressure on anal veins can act as perianal hematoma causes. Such activities that can put pressure on the anus includes:

Forceful coughing
Medical procedures
Inactive lifestyle
Lifting of heavy objects

Diagnosing Perianal Hematoma
Diagnosing perianal hematoma does not need colonoscopy or anything similar. The doctor will initially run a physical examination to determine the course of treatment. Getting the right diagnosis from the renowned perianal hematoma specialist is now made easy by mfine. Get all the details from the website and set up an appointment right now.
Other Diseases Related To Perianal Hematoma
People commonly mistake hematomas for hemorrhoids as the symptoms and even the causes are similar. The only difference is that hemorrhoids occur inside the anus while hematomas are never internal. Thus, diagnosing perianal hematoma is a lot easier than hemorrhoids.
Treating Perianal Hematoma
Most perianal hematoma go away on their within a week. You need perianal hematoma treatment only if the hematoma refuses to go away. Depending on the size of the hematoma, the doctor would suggest draining it. After numbing the area, a small incision will get made to drain the hematoma.

Just like any surgical procedure, even the hematoma can turn worse under wrong hands. Thus, you need the trusted aide of expert general surgeons and is exactly what you will find at mfine. Get the best perianal hematoma doctors near you on the extensive listings of mfine. The surgery will go hassle-free and you will recover soon.

Find the experts easily with mfine and start your treatment.

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