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Orf Virus Disease: Symptoms and Treatment


It is an exanthematous disease that is caused by a parapoxvirus. Although occurs primarily in sheep and goats, it is transmittable to people.

People who have open wounds are most likely to be infected from Orf virus diseases. [1]

- Self-treatable
- Self-diagnosable
- Laboratory tests and imaging are rarely required.
- Short-term: Can be resolved within 3 to 6 weeks.

Orf virus disease, which is also known as scabby or sore mouth, is an infection, which causes lesions on the lips, ears, nostrils, and less commonly in the genitalia and on the feet of the infected animals. Orf virus is a viral disease that can be spread to humans through direct contact with infected sheep and goats.



If you suffer from Orf virus infection, you may notice the following symptoms:

- Formation of nodules on the fingers, hands, or the forearms.
- Mild fever.
- Malaise (fatigue).
- Local swelling of the lymph nodes.


To reduce your risk of Orf virus infection, you should
- Avoid petting or having casual contact with infected animals.
- Keep yourself away from handling infected equipments such as a harness.
- Follow good hygienic practice while rearing sheep or goats.


Anyone suffering from Orf virus infection may cover the lesion with a sterile (hygienic) dressing and immobilizing the affected region to help reduce discomfort.


You should consult with your doctor, if the lesion is not healing or you start developing a high fever and experience severe pain.
At mfine, you will receive a comprehensive treatment plan for optimum health and speedy recovery.

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