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Nose Block: How to Cure it?


Also referred to as Nasal Congestion, stuffy nose or clogged nose, Nose Block refers to inflamed blood vessels in sinuses triggered by flu, cold or other allergies.

More than 10 million cases are reported each year in India alone. [1]

1. Most common in winter due to drying of the the nasal cavity
2. Lasts from five to ten days
3. Treatable with a few remedies
4. Can be a symptom to another health issue

This condition generally occurs due to excessive production of mucus and inflamed mucous membrane along with dried mucus and dirt. It blocks the passage of air, making breathing difficult. A clogged nose can also be a symptom of allergies like hay fever.


Apart from symptoms of headaches, discomfort in breathing and dry nasal passage, people may also experience:
1. Headache
2. Trouble in breathing
3. Dry nasal passage
4. Runny nose
5. Blood-tinged mucus discharge
6. Fever


1. Using humidifiers
2. Stay hydrated
3. Stay warm

A plethora of choices are available over-the-counter to treat blocked nose. This includes Decongestants - Saline sprays, which help in keeping the passage moist and shrinking the inflamed blood vessels.

Medical help from an Otolaryngologist is advisable if nose block worsens. Contact mfine for accurate diagnosis and smooth treatments of any health concern under a team of qualified doctors.

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