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Newly Diagnosed Hypothyroidism: Tackling Hypothyroidism Through Proper Self-Care


Hypothyroidism refers to an endocrine condition where the body doesn’t produce sufficient thyroid hormones.
Hypothyroidism can affect people of every age, mostly affects women than men. Commonly affects women over the age of 60 and more.

Risk factors for newly diagnosed Hypothyroidism are:
- Autoimmune diseases (Type 1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis)
- Thyroid surgery
- A family history of thyroid disease
- Exposure to radiation on chest
- Certain medication
It is also called underactive thyroid. If you have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism recently, this article will help you know about the condition more.


The signs and symptoms differ from one person to other. However, some common symptoms of newly diagnosed Hypothyroidism include:
- Fatigue
- Gain in weight
- Depression
- Puffiness
- Stiffness in joints
- Changes in periods (in women)
- Constipation
- Difficulty in sleeping

Upon having the above symptoms, consult a doctor to check for Hypothyroidism.
If left untreated for long, Hypothyroidism can lead to developing a goiter and other complications like anemia, infertility, a rise in cholesterol, etc.
Diagnosis is done by physical examination, blood tests (TSH), and Thyroxine level test.


Treatment option for newly diagnosed Hypothyroidism includes taking simple precautions, some lifestyle modifications and medication as recommended by doctors.
Self-care includes:
- Have a balanced diet with iodine-rich foods
- Limit soy and soy-containing products
- Limit high fiber foods in your diet
- Exercise and Yoga
- Avoid taking iron and calcium supplements

Treatment options for newly diagnosed Hypothyroidism involve Oral medications.

At mfine, we help our patients in achieving good health through right diagnosis, treatment and healthcare facilities.

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