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How to Control Nail Biting


Nail biting is considered as a body-focused repetitive behavioral disorder.

Nail biting co-occurs in 70% of people with hair-pulling habit and other behavioural disorders.

- Usually self-treatable
- Self-diagnosable
- Lab tests and imaging arent required
- Can be chronic

It is also classified in obsessive-compulsive-disorders along with being an BFRBD. It may be associated with genetics. Nail biting is done often as a persons response to anxiety as it relieves their nervousness, boredom, loneliness or even hunger. It can cause damage to tissues around the fingers.


People may experience:
Damaged fingernails
Prior biting: anxiety, tension or unease
After biting: relief, ease or even pleasure
Mouth injuries: dental problems, abscesses
Shame or guilt due to the disorder


The most effective way is to remove reasons of stress and anxiety. Another way would be to follow acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and open up with your friends and family.

1. Wearing gloves, mittens, socks or bite-plate devices can help as reminders not to bite.
2. Use a worry stone or a stress ball to fiddle with.
3. Spending on manicures will give a reason not to bite nails.

Specialists: Consult a doctor if the symptoms are evident and the condition worsens. At mfine, we provide accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plans for all health concerns under a team of qualified doctors.

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