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Meninx is a special membrane that covers spinal cord and brain. Due to viral infection, this membrane may have inflammations. When this happens, patients suffer from high fever, and other medical issues.

Meningitis Symptoms

High fever – High fever is the first sign of this infection. You must not ignore it, and see a specialist immediately.

Body ache and stiffness – Sharp pain in muscles, headache, and stiff neck are other meningitis symptoms.

Nausea – People with meningitis may feel nauseous. They also tend to vomit, especially after meals.

Skin rashes – Another indicator of this disease is skin rashes, and redness. Sometimes these rashes may itch. You may experience a burning sensation.

Appetite loss – People with meningitis will experience loss of appetite. Lack of proper food intake makes them weaker.

Seizures – If you have seizures, along with these symptoms, then you need to see a general physician immediately.

Meningitis Causes

Viral infection – This disease is the direct outcome of viral attack on the human immunity.

Fungal infection – Cryptococcus is the fungus that triggers the infection in patients.

Head and spinal injury – These two meningitis causes have more impact on young children.

Kidney failure – People who suffer from kidney dysfunction can contract this disease.

Diagnosing Meningitis

Only good medical professional will be able to detect the symptoms. There are numerous such specialists on mfine. Blood culture, CT scan, MR scans, and spinal tap are common diagnosis techniques.

Other Disorders and Meningitis

If you want proper meningitis treatment, then you must not ignore the symptoms. Lack of medical intervention can damage your hearing power. With time, this infection can also damage your memory power. Patients can go into shocks. This can pave the way for heart attacks, and death.

Treating Meningitis

Any meningitis specialist, listed on mfine, knows that treatment method will differ according to patient’s condition. A general physician will suggest antibiotic course to fight off the germs. Apart from this, steroid pills also come in handy. If the condition is too severe, then you will need hospitalization. Oxygen therapy is another popular treatment procedure.

Find Meningitis Specialists at mfine

With mfine platform, you can attain information about a general physician or meningitis doctors near you. Here, you can check the qualification of these specialists. These profiles also highlight the experience of these experts.

With reputed specialists from mfine, you will get the correct medical care.  

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