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All you need to know about Melanonychia


Blue or black lines on the nails is known as melanonychia.
Around 77% of the black population is affected by longitudinal melanonychia by 20 years of age and almost all individuals older than 50 years are affected. [1]
-Diagnosis requires a diagnostic exam and tests
- A biopsy may be required
Melanonychia may occur in the fingernails or toenails. It is in stripe form and usually goes from the bottom of the nail to the top and causes discoloration. In case of a dark complexion, such stripes are natural occurrences. Trauma, inflammatory disorders, fungal infections, and drugs are some of the causes of melanonychia.


Symptoms of melanonychia may include irregular brown pigmentation, more than two-thirds of the nail paint discolored, granular looking pigmentation, grey or back color along with the brown color and deformity of the nail.


- Consume more nutrient-rich food: These include eggs, fish, and dark greens.
- Baking Soda: It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties
- Coconut Oil: It as antifungal properties and creates a barrier against moisture, thereby preventing bacteria and fungus to breed
- Lemon: Contains antibacterial and antifungal properties
- Yogurt: Helps balance the bacteria in our body

Medications: The doctor may prescribe antibiotics or antifungal medications if the root cause is an infection.
Specialist: Melanonychia can also be a sign of other health issues and so it is necessary to consult a specialist. At mfine, you will find the help and treatment required.

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