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Melanocytic nevi: All you need to know


A cluster of cells typically, dark in color seen on the skin anywhere on the body is called Melanocytic nevus. They can be small, medium or large in size.

Melanocytic Nevi are seen in 1% of newborns. They develop during gestation, between 5 -24 weeks and become visible on the skin by the first year.
- It is can be congenital or acquired.
- It is widely present.
- It is normally harmless but can turn malignant.
- Medical help required if the mole changes qualitatively.
- It is self-diagnosable

Melanocytic nevi are the occurrence of a collection of pigmented cells visible on the surface of the skin. These can be seen at the time of birth or acquired during childhood and adolescence. It is more visible in people with lighter skin tones. When these moles change in size, color or shape it could be cancerous and therefore needs to be medically tested.

Ages Affected- People acquire melanocytic nevi at birth or during the teenage years.


Self Diagnosis: Usually appearing as raised moles that are pink, brown or black these can be easily identified by the person itself.

People may experience
Raised blemish: A discolored lesion appearing anywhere on the body.


Self-care: The harmless moles dont need any particular treatment. Sun protection and using sunscreen is the best preventive measure to be adopted. Presence in large numbers needs to be monitored for changes in shape, size or color.

Medical Care: If the mole is frequently agitated or it shows signs of infection it is best to consult a physician. The malignant lesions need to be removed surgically. Come join us at mfine and let the experts resolve all your medical queries.

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