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Malaria is a parasitic disease. Anopheles mosquitoes that carry Plasmodium parasite cause this malaria. When this insect bites you, the parasite will come in contact with your blood stream. It will multiply within 72 hours and affect the RBCs. Only proper malaria treatment can restore health.

Malaria Symptoms

Doctors classify malaria into four main types. Each type has its signs. Here, you will get information about some common malaria symptoms:

Chills and persistent fever – The starkest symptom of malaria is a high fever that comes with chills and shivering.

Profuse sweating – The most important indicator of malaria is copious sweating. Thus, a general physician will prescribe consumption of saline water to maintain fluid balance in your body.

Vomiting and nausea – A constant nauseating feeling and frequent vomiting are two other symptoms of malaria.

Malaria Causes

Mosquito bite – A mosquito carrying the Plasmodium organism will directly transfer the gem in your bloodstream when it bites you.

Mother to baby – If a pregnant woman suffers from malaria, then she will pass it to the baby in her womb.

Blood transfusion – If a blood donor who has malaria donates infected blood, then the receiver will contract malaria as well.

Organ transfusion – Infected organ transfusion is also one of the malaria causes.

Diagnosing Malaria

Proper and timely diagnosis is a must for this disease. With mfine by your side, you can attain quick medical assistance. The specialists will detect the physical indicators. Then they will suggest some blood tests to ensure correct diagnosis. These tests will help the general physician to detect the type of your infection.

Other Disorders and Malaria

Malaria can take an ugly turn if proper and timely treatment is not available. Several life-threatening conditions can crop up from this infection. You can develop pulmonary edema as fluids accumulate in your lungs. The blood vessels in your brain can swell up and cause additional damage. Only a reputed general physician can keep fatality at bay.

Treating Malaria

Malaria can be fatal if you don’t get medical attention in time. A malaria specialist will point out that Parasite P infection is the most dangerous. The duration of your treatment depends on the seriousness of the disease. Common malaria is curable with chloroquine phosphate pills. Doctors can suggest hospitalization in case they feel the need.

The specialists, listed on mfine will offer the best treatment, depending on your condition. You can select the best general physician and attain the necessary treatment for malaria. Apart from therapy, the reputed malaria doctors near you will offer tips, which will prevent the ailment.

At mfine, you can compare profiles of doctors as well as book online appointments easily.

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