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What is Macrocytic Anaemia? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


A condition where there are unusually large number of red blood cells, with low hemoglobin.

No correct incidence is reported, a family practice group reports that they found the condition in around 2-4% of patients [1]

- Requires blood tests to diagnose
- May need vitamin injection treatment
- Can be curable easily
- More prevalent among men than women
- May also signal an underlying condition

Deficiencies in B12 or folate often cause macrocytic anemia. It is also called as vitamin deficiency anemia. In this situation, red blood cells are larger than 80-100 fL. As the cells grow, they tend to carry less hemoglobin making the cells less oxygen rich. Several underlying conditions such as vitamin deficiency, alcohol addiction, liver disease, hypothyroidism may also cause the condition.

Ages affected - older adults are affected my macrocytic anemia than others.


Self - diagnosable
Any symptoms of loss of appetite, diarrhea, fatigue, memory loss, pale skin should be reported to doctor.

People may experience

Weakness - weak and tired feeling
Diarrhea - mild to severe condition of diarrhea
Appetite - very low appetite prevails
Breathe - shortness of breath and fast heartbeat
Paleness - pale skin exists
Memory issues - memory problems may be present and this should be reported to doctor immediately


Self-Care: Change in lifestyle habits, eating food with good vitamins and iron is required. Alcohol should be avoided.

Medications: Blood test is taken to understand the situation. Vitamin injections done as required. In case of any underlying condition, medication will be prescribed for the same.

Specialists: In case of any symptoms, they should be reported to physician. We at mfine are here to give you total and holistic health program.

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