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Lymphadenopathy necrotic granulomatous: Detailed information about the condition


Lymphadenopathy necrotic granulomatous is gradual swelling of the lymph nodes for weeks or months

Lymphadenopathy is found in about 65% of patients with adult-onset Still’s disease and is histologically characterized by an intense, paracortical immunoblastic hyperplasia. [4]

-Requires medical diagnosis if the swelling persists for a long time.
-Detected by CT Scan, MRI Scan, lymph nodes biopsy and ultrasound.
-More common in women than men.
-The condition can be acute or chronic.

Lymphadenopathy necrotic granulomatous occurs from the constant contact with microorganisms. The condition can result from Cancer or Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. The treatment of the swollen lymph nodes depends on its cause. If the lymph nodes do not move even when they are touched, then you need to consult a doctor.

Ages affected- People above 30 years of age are at risk of Lymphadenopathy necrotic granulomatous. Women in their reproductive age are prone to this disease.


Symptoms may include swelling and intense pain in the lymph nodes, for which you may want to consult a medical practitioner.

People may experience

- Respiratory Infection- Running nose, throat ache
- Fever
- Night Sweats
- Weight loss
- Hardening and the rapid growth of nodes
- Swelling of the nodes


Self-care: You can apply a warm compress to the swollen nodes.

Medications: The treatment usually involves antibiotics. In case of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, antitubercular drugs are recommended.

Specialists: If the swelling of the lymph nodes persists, you can contact an ENT Specialist or a hematologist. At mfine, we provide you with specialized healthcare at affordable costs. Contact us to receive the best solution to all your health issues.

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