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Lipomatosis is the disorder characterized by the symmetrical, painless and diffuse deposits of the fat below the skin of legs, arms, neck, and upper trunk. It is an autosomal dominant disorder in which ‘multiple lipomas’ occur in various parts of the body. The disorder occurs in association with the macrocytic anemia, liver disease, and peripheral neuropathy. The disorder generally affects the males. Many disorders are related to lipomatosis such as Cowden syndrome, Proteus syndrome, familial lipodystrophy, Dercum’s disease etc.

Lipomatosis Symptoms

The condition is benign but sometimes it can be painful based on the location of ‘lipomas’. They give a doughy feel to the application of pressure.

Lipomatosis Causes

They tend to occur in the middle-aged women and men and the disorder runs in the family. The exact cause of their development is unclear though they often develop after an injury. They can form due to inherited conditions as well. People suffering from Madelung’s disease can develop them. The disorder affects the alcoholic men of the Mediterranean ancestry. The inability of the body to metabolize fat suggests lipomatosis is an ‘endocrine’ disorder. Alcohol consumption plays a crucial role in the formation of the disorder. Genetic factors play a role in the development of the disorder and rarely more than a family member could be affected by the disorder.

Dercum’s Disease and Lipomatosis

In Dercum’s Disease, there is generalized obesity or overweight along with adipose tissue. The symptoms of Dercum’s disease are sleep disturbances, depression, impaired memory, anxiety, bloating etc.

Diagnosis of Lipomatosis

Diagnosis of multiple symmetric lipomatosis is done by the lipomatosis specialist by means of medical history, physical examination and various imaging studies like computed tomography (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan etc.

Understanding Lipomatosis

Lipomatosis is an autosomal disorder characterized by painless, diffuse and symmetrical fat deposits all over the body and genetic factors are responsible for the development of the disorder.

Lipomatosis Treatment

The simple lipomas require no treatment. The general surgeon would, however, ask the patient to observe the lipoma. If it becomes painful or looks unsightly, you an have it removed by an adept general surgeon through mfine. Apart from surgery, the disorder can be treated with steroids and liposuction. Steroids are used for making the tumor shrink. In the procedure of liposuction, the general surgeon uses a syringe and needle for drawing out fatty tissue.

At mfine, you could contact lipomatosis doctors near me and have the tumor removed effectively.

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