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What is Lipid Panel?

What is Lipid Panel?

A complete test of cholesterol profile is termed as a lipid panel or a lipid profile test. It provides results on:
LDL, HDL, VLDL, Total Cholesterol and TG (triglycerides)

When is LIPID PANEL test recommended?

It is usually recommended in the following cases:

- When a risk factor like genetics, obesity or symptoms of high blood pressure are involved.
- During complete body tests
- When excess alcohol consumption or cigarette smoking is involved.

Preparing for LIPID PANEL

- Always provide a complete medical history for self as well as family.

- Provide a complete report about all medications and supplements you use.

- Fasting of 10-14 hours is advisable. Therefore, it is recommended that the test is carried out in the morning before breakfast. - Chances of error in reports increase during Improper fasting, medications, human error and a variety of other factors. Always check for the ratio of HDL and LDL, instead of LDL alone.
- Cholesterol levels are equally important in children as well as adults.

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