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A Detailed Itinerary About Leukoplakia.


White linings that might appear to be swollen on the inner side of the tongue and gums.

Around 2 per 1000 men and 1 per 1000 women happen to get leukoplakia in India alone. [1]

- Need to be careful while diagnosing the condition.
- Could lead to cancer.
- Proper lab testing is required.
- Can be both acute and chronic.
- Can attack both men and women.

Leukoplakia is a condition in which the gums of your teeth start to turn white and become really hard. It also attacks the sides of the tongue and is impossible to take it off. The sudden onset of this condition is because of tobacco. There is no other reason as to why it might occur in the body.


- Color - there is white lining sort of development on the side linings of the gums.
- Texture - they are scaly and flat-lined.
- Appearance- they have red lesions along with thickened areas that show prominent signs of cancerous developments.


- Self-care - stop the consumption of tobacco as it tends to prolong the condition and renders it a chronic disease in the body. Which further leads to oral cancer.

- Medication - laser therapy is one of the many ways with which the scaly texture of the gums can be removed. Or it can be cured with the help of the freezing method.

- Specialist - you can consult your nearest doctor or consult one of the specialists from mfine to have the best care and treatment in curing of the condition.

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