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It is an affliction which is caused mainly due to birth defects while the infant is still in the womb. An imperforate anus means that the baby has an underdeveloped rectum making the child unable to pass stool and this condition require the services of a general surgeon.
Imperforate Anus Symptoms
The Imperforate anus symptoms are as following:

no anal opening
an anal opening in the wrong place, such as too close to the vagina
no stool in the first 24 to 48 hours of life
stool passing through the wrong place, such as the urethra, vagina, scrotum, or the base of the penis
a swollen abdomen
an abnormal connection, or fistula, between your baby’s rectum and their reproductive system or urinary tract

Causes of Imperforate Anus
The main reason behind the imperforate anus cause is still a subject of speculation for many as it shows no definitive patterns in the formation of such problems. The condition develops in the womb during the fifth to seventh weeks of pregnancy. The cause is unknown and many times babies with this condition may also develop defects of the rectum.
Pregnancy & Imperforate Anus
Though not related directly to pregnancy, imperforate anus is caused almost always during childbirth. It is basically the under development of creating a blockage that usually results in a very problematic and serious condition require immediate help from the General Surgeon. Search affliction is not treated immediately can cause use complications for the Infant.
Diagnosing Imperforate anus
The diagnosis by any Imperforate anus specialists can involve a thorough physical examination after birth. Using X-Ray, MRI scans, and ultrasound is also one of the standard methods of diagnosing of such problems and can effectively help in determining the best course of action to remove it.
Imperforate anus Treatment
Imperforate anus treatment almost always requires surgery and within a very short period of time. Such corrective surgery require extensive knowledge of the differ and proper diagnosis to perform the required medical corrections.

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