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Hypotension: When Should You Worry


Hypotension is a condition where the blood pressure of a person is lower than the required level of 90/60.

Even in case of chronic hypotension, most cases can be resolved by an improved diet and lifestyle. [1]

● Though not a significant problem in healthy individuals, hypotension can be a cause for concern in people over 60 years of age, more so, when there is a lack of blood flow to the vital organs.
● Extreme cases of hypotension can be fatal, especially in the people over 60 years of age.
● It can be diagnosed by the doctor on basis of the exhibited symptoms like dizziness and lightheadedness.

Besides studying the medical history and measuring the blood pressure, hypotension can also be diagnosed by blood tests, ECG, stress test, echocardiogram, valsalva maneuver and the tilt table test.


Symptoms of hypotension can vary depending on whether it is serious or not. Some of the symptoms of a sudden drop in blood pressure are :
● Nausea
● Fatigue
● Dizziness
● Fainting
● Blurred vision

In extreme cases, people may also experience:
● Confusion (this is primarily in elderly people)
● Rapid breathing
● Weak pulse


Mild symptoms of hypotension generally do not require any treatment. However, depending on the severity of the condition, one may need to do the following :
● Increasing the intake of salt in the diet to raise the blood pressure as sodium is known to increase the blood pressure.
● Drinking more water as this prevents dehydration which is one of the causes of hypotension
● Wearing tight elastic stockings that prevent the clogging of blood in any one area of the body. Clogging is one of the causes for hypotension.
Medication: Medicines such as the following may be advised by doctors in case of severe hypotension:
● Orvaten
● Fludrocortisone

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