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Human immunodeficiency virus causes AIDS. This infection lowers the immunity of the patient. He/she becomes sick easily. A general physician can offer some relief with medicines, which prevent the fast spread of this infection. But there is no permanent HIV treatment.

HIV Symptoms

Fever and chills – Fever and chills, along with cold are common HIV indicators. If you have this infection, then you will have these medical issues continuously.

Deteriorating immunity – Another alarming indicator is lack of immunity. People who have this infection will lose their natural immunity to prevent common diseases.

Skin rashes – A general physician knows that harmless skin rashes can also be potential AIDS symptoms.

Stomach infections – HIV patients complain of stomach infections frequently.  All digestive issues or other stomach ailments can be HIV symptoms.

Muscle cramps – In chronic stages, patients will feel a sharp pain in the muscles and joints.

Nausea – Nausea and regular vomiting is rather persistent among HIV patients.

HIV Causes

Unprotected sexual activity – If you have unprotected sex with an infected person, then you can contract this disease. The infection transmits through semen and vaginal fluids.

From mother to baby – If an infected woman is pregnant, then the unborn kid will also suffer from AIDS.

Untested blood transfusion – Blood transfusion is another cause of HIV infection. If a healthy person gets untested and infected blood, then he/she will also contract this disease.

Diagnosing HIV

All doctors on mfine will suggest specific blood tests to detect the infection. Some common tests are NAT test, antibody and antigen tests. A general physician will be able to analyze these reports. If the reports highlight infection, then medicine course will being immediately.

Other Disorders and HIV

Advanced HIV infection is fatal. A general physician will suggest additional precautions for a patient. This infection weakens the immunity. Thus, HIV positive patients will contract other diseases easily. This infection will pave the path for respiratory or kidney disorders.

Treating HIV

An AIDS specialist, listed on mfine, will stress on preventive measures. There is no medicine that can cure HIV infection. With antiviral pills, one can slow down the spread of infection. Doctors suggest use of condoms to prevent spread of this disease.

Find HIV Specialists at mfine

Only mfine allows you to check and compare the profiles of many doctors. Here, you will attain contact details of HIV doctors near you. If you want immediate consultation, then book online appointment via mfine.

With mfine by your side, you no longer have to worry about speedy medical assistance.

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