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Hepatolenticular degeneration: In a nutshell


Hepatolenticular degeneration, or Wilson’s disease, is a hereditary medical condition that causes the accumulation of copper in the vital organs of the body.
Wilson’s disease is a fairly rare medical condition, with an estimated prevalence of 1 in 30,000 live births. [1]
● Is not self-diagnosable
● Is treatable by a medical professional
● Often requires lab-testing and/or imagery
● Usually lasts for years and/or lifelong
Wilson’s disease is treatable if diagnosed early. Most people having the medical condition live without any further complications.


Wilson’s disease cannot be self-diagnosed. Doctors need to run a variety of medical tests and check for certain symptoms to diagnose the disease. It is present at birth, however symptoms only appear once copper accumulates in a vital organ. Some symptoms are:
● Fatigue
● Lack of appetite
● Fluid accumulation in the legs or the abdomen
● Kayser-Fleischer rings
● Muscle stiffness


Limit consumption of foods that contain a high concentration of copper in them. Examples of copper-rich foods are liver, mushrooms, shellfish, nuts, and chocolate.

There are certain medications for Wilson’s disease. However, they need to be consumed throughout your life and some have serious side effects. Please consult your doctor before taking any medication.

In case your liver is severely damaged due to Wilson’s disease, you will need a liver transplant.
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