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Liver is the primary organ that produces bile and flushes out toxins from the human body. When an inflammation takes place in the liver, due to viral action, then it results in hepatitis. There are five separate types of viral hepatitis infections – A, B, C, D, and E. The last type is common among expecting mothers. For proper hepatitis treatment, you must take vaccinations and medication.

Hepatitis Symptoms

  •    Skin and eyes of the patient will develop a yellowish tint. It signifies that you have jaundice that is common among patients with hepatitis affected liver
  •    Continuous lack of energy and tiredness, even after adequate rest
  •    Frequent acute pain in the stomach
  •    Lack of appetite is common during all hepatitis infections
  •    Headaches and high fever are two hepatitis symptoms that assist a general physician during diagnosis
  •    Hepatitis paves the path for diarrhea
  •    Patients tend to vomit and experience a nauseating feeling

Hepatitis Causes

Alcohol consumption: People who drink a lot of alcohol are more prone to contract hepatitis. Consumption of alcohol and substance abuse are vital hepatitis causes. Too much alcohol will damage your liver and cause cirrhosis.

Accumulation of toxins: Accumulation of toxic substances in the body may impair the liver function. A general physician will prescribe medicines to speed up the toxin flushing process.

Autoimmune response: Sometimes, your body may shut down the liver function on its own. It is known as an autoimmune response of the body. The human immune system treats the liver as a foreign organ and attacks it. Thus, the normal liver function stops.

Overmedication: A good general physician will discourage you from self-medication. OTC pills may offer temporary relief but can cause liver damage. Too much medication will weaken the liver and lead to hepatitis.

Diagnosing Hepatitis

With mfine, you can search for good liver specialists in your area. Any hepatitis specialist will prescribe specific blood tests to detect the infection type. The treatment will depend on this detection. In case of severe liver damage, doctors will ask for a biopsy.

Other Disorders and Hepatitis

Detection and medication will help you to get rid of hepatitis. Sometimes, acute liver damage paves the way for liver cancer. Liver cancer is a very painful condition. A general physician will suggest surgery. However, it is challenging to cure liver cancer permanently.

Treating Hepatitis

Hepatitis takes a significant time to cure. Proper light diet, abstinence from liquor, and adequate rest will cure hepatitis A and E within a few weeks. For hepatitis requires pills. Reputed doctors will offer ribovarin and peginterferon drugs for hepatitis C treatment

If you suffer from type B, C or D, then hepatitis doctors near you will suggest liver transplant. Check out the profiles of liver specialists on mfine and bid farewell to your hepatitis worries.

We at mfine, make it easy for you to attain doctors’ appointments.

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