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Hemoglobinopathy: Here’s what you need to know


Hemoglobinopathy is a hereditary disorder in which there is abnormal production or structure of the hemoglobin molecule.
According to a recent study, about 10-20% of the population in Central Asia and India are carrying this abnormality in their gene. [1]
● It is not self-diagnosable.
● It requires lab-testing.
● Vaccinations and stem-cell transplants can be opted for at an early age. Transplants for older patients is usually not an option as there are severe risks involved with the transplant and there is also a lack of donors.
Hemoglobinopathy is one of the most common hereditary diseases around the world.


To diagnose hemoglobinopathy, one needs to have a red blood cell count with erythrocyte indices and a hemoglobin test.
Depending upon the type of hemoglobin disorder, the symptoms for hemoglobinopathy are:
● Mild anemia
● Life-threatening, fetal anemia
● Severe illness as well as the existence of long-term, transfusion-dependent anemia


There are no self-treatment options for hemoglobinopathy.
Folic-acid supplements and iron supplements may be prescribed depending upon the type of hemoglobinopathy.
After diagnosis, it is vital for the patient to go to a haematology center for treatment and regular checkups.
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