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Headache - What You Need to Know

This is one of the most common medical conditions which causes severe pain in the head and neck area. Headaches mainly occur due to stress and muscle tension. However, the intensity of this may vary from the symptoms one is facing.


The most common symptoms one may face during a headache are:

- Pain on both sides of the head, which is generally known as tension headache
- Severe pain on one side of the head causing nausea which is also known as migraine
- Intense pain over one eye, which usually happens during a particular time of the year


The causes of headaches can be classified into two:
Primary Causes: This includes alcohol consumption, stress/tension, dehydration, migraine, cluster etc.
Secondary Causes: This includes problems like brain tumor, overuse of medication, spinal headache, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.


Our experienced doctors will provide you the right treatment after examining and identifying the type of headache. Specialists on mfine will also suggest various stress management classes as well as some mild to moderate exercises, which would be helpful for you.

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