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How severe can H7N9 attack be on the body?


The condition in which a virus attacks the respiratory system of the body.

Approximately, 5%-10% of the total population of the united states of America are affected by H7N9 annually.(1)

• Medical assistance is required.
• Laboratory tests need to be conducted.
• Can affect both men and women of all ages.
• Is both acute and chronic.

H1N9 also known as influenza A type virus is a type of virus that affects the normal functioning of the respiratory system. This might be deadly if left untreated as the symptoms might seem to be similar to a common cold, but as time passes by, death is also one of the aftermaths of the virus.


Profuse coughing – Coughing and body aches are evident as one of the primary symptoms for the virus.
Weakness – The body becomes weak, and the onset of fever and headache are also observed.
A runny nose –Because of cold, there is a blocked and running nose, which is uncontrollable, and symptoms of a sore throat are also experienced.


Self-care – Wash your hands on a regular basis, and cover your mouth with a mask while getting out of the house.
Medication – Intake of relenza, rapivab, and other virus protection medication under medical supervision is advised.
Specialist – Consult your nearest doctor to get yourself checked if you experience the above-given symptoms. At mfine, special care and attention are given to rectify the cause of the condition and treat in the best way possible.

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