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H5N1: Can poultry animals cause widespread of deadly diseases?


A viral infection (which is deadly) that is spread upon consumption of uncooked poultry animals.

There are almost 1000+ cases registered due to the H5N1 virus, and out of which, only 4% of the people managed to recover back to full health.(1)

- Medical assistance is required.
- Laboratory tests need to be conducted.
- Can affect men and women of all ages.
- Is acute and chronic.

H5N1 is commonly known as bird flu. It is very harmful to the birds and deadly for humans. It is still not known whether human-to-human contact can spread the condition. However, intake of animals that have the H5N1 virus can easily enter the body can prove to be deadly if left untreated.


Profuse coughing - There is difficulty in breathing and respiratory disorders.
Body pain – Muscle weaken and pain starts along with fatigue and weight loss.
Fever – High fever with the onset of a sore throat and diarrhea.


Self-care – Try to avoid intake of non-vegetarian items when there is a breakout of the virus in your area. Keep yourself clean and free of infections by having proper food and exercising.
Medication – Under medical supervision, a breathing machine is provided by the doctor for safe breathing and eliminate further progression of the infection in the body.
Specialist – Rush to your nearest doctor if you see signs of sepsis, pneumonia, and acute respiratory distress. At mfine, we try to find the immediate cure and provide treatment to eliminate the problem and free you from the condition."

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