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H1N1: How deadly are farm animals?


A viral infection that is spread from pigs and affects the respiratory system of the human body eventually causing death.

There are about 575,400 deaths worldwide because of the widespread of the H1N1 virus.(1)

- Medical assistance needs to be provided.
- Laboratory tests need to be conducted.
- Can affect both men and women of all ages.
- Is both acute and chronic.

H1N1 is also known as swine flu. It is a combination of different virus found in pigs, birds, and humans. Because of its deadly combination of viruses, its also known as a global epidemic coined by the WHO. However, intake fo pig cannot transmit the virus, but drinking of contaminated water, stale food, or uncooked meat can transfer the virus into your body.


Body pain – There is complete body ache and headache. Muscles also start to weaken.
Fever – Watery and reddish eyes are one of the symptoms. In addition, diarrhea and vomiting are also observed.
A runny nose – Profuse coughing and running nose along with a sore throat are few of the symptoms.


Self-care – Stay at home till the fever reduces. On addition, wash your hands before eating anything. Avoid contact with anyone.
Medication - Intake of antiviral drugs is a must under medical supervision.
Specialist – Rush to the nearest hospital, if the above symptoms are experienced. At mfine, we try to give you a complete recovery from the infection and provide a real-time solution for all your health-related problems.

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