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Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease: Everything You Need To Know


GERD disease happens when a muscle at the end of a person’s esophagus does not close properly.

About 25% of the pregnant women experience Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) symptoms. [4]
● Usually self-diagnosable
● Treatable by a medical professional
● Lab tests / X-ray is required
● Medium-term: resolves within months/days

This allows the contents of a person’s stomach to leak back or reflux into the esophagus and irritate it. This is a condition that develops when there is a retrograde flow of stomach contents causing symptoms or complications.
Heartburn, throat burn, stomach pain, chronic cough, painful swallowing, pneumonia, chronic sinusitis
Self-diagnosable - Doctor may require an Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract X-Ray for confirmation.
Lifestyle changes - Don’t sleep immediately after eating, avoid oily and junk foods, losing weight, stop smoking.
Indication - People who experience heartburn at least two to three times a week may have gastro esophageal reflux disease.


Self-care: Foods to be avoided include the following:
● Spicy and fatty foods, tomato and citrus juices, chocolate, coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks.
● Avoid tight clothing including tight belts and pants.

Medicines: Medications include antacids, H2 receptor blockers, proton pump inhibitors, and prokinetics.
Specialists: You may be referred to a gastroenterologist. Depends upon severity doctor may suggest Radiography and Upper GI Endoscopy. If your symptoms are severe and require surgery, you will be referred to a general surgeon. Certain diagnostic tests for GERD are done by a radiologist. You will receive excellent service for your health at mfine.

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