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Generalised Body aches- All about it


If there is a pain in one or multiple parts of the body then it is characterized as generalised body aches.

About 28 million people in the UK have been affected by body aches. [1]

Body ache is:
- Treatable with or without the help of a medical professional
- Does not usually require a medical diagnosis
- Lab tests or imaging usually not required
- Can occur at any age depending upon the intensity of physical activity one does
- Usually, short term resolves within days to weeks

Aching can affect small parts of the body usually because of overuse of the part for specific physical activities. But when the whole body is aching then it might be a matter of concern.


The most common symptoms of General Body aches are:
- Feeling that the entire body is sore and tender
- Might or might not be bruised in some parts
- Unbearable pain all over the body
- Inability to do any physical work

The causes of general body aches can be many. Some of them could be:
- Stress
- Dehydration
- Lack of sleep
- Cold or flu
- Vitamin D deficiency
- Arthritis
- Fatigue


Self-care: Reducing stress, practicing relaxed breathing, eating a healthy diet and also regular exercising can help increase the ability to get involved in more physical activity and yet not have body aches.
Medication: In such cases, medication is required only if the ache gets severe with time. Usually, doctors may prescribe vitamin D supplements or painkillers which can help to get temporary relief.
Specialists: For other severe kinds, consult a physician at the earliest. We at mfine can help you with various fields of health issues. You can get in touch with us onboard for a holistic treatment program.

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