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Eumycetoma: Causes and Symptoms


Eumycetoma is a chronic fungal infection caused by various genera of fungi that destroy the soft tissue in the affected area eventually.

It is mostly observed in tropical and subtropical regions. Only 30 cases were reported in the USA between 1986 and 1964. Incidence has not been exactly reported.[1]

- Requires immediate medical attention
- Needs lab tests and examinations
- Prevalent among males than females
- Needs surgery and therapies
- Lasts for a long time

The condition of chronic and granulomatous infections most commonly affects the legs and feet, destroying the soft tissue and nearby anatomical areas. The foot is a common site of infection. It often requires aggressive surgeries.

Ages affected: Highest incidence among the age group of 10 to 40 years.


Self-diagnosable: Deformity in the affected area can be observed. Symptoms of fungal infection and deformity should be immediately reported to a medical professional for treatment.

People may experience:
Granules - Dark or pale colored granules in the affected area
Itching - Itching noticed in the area
Deformity - Fungus and deformity in the affected region


Self-care: Any symptoms mentioned above should be reported to a medical professional immediately.

Medications: Antibiotic or fungal therapy may be given by the doctor in these cases. This may be combined with surgery to remove the fungal infections.

Specialists: If any symptoms mentioned above are noticed, contact a health-care provider immediately. Urgent medical treatment should be taken. At mfine, we are here to provide you with complete information and a health-care program as per your needs.

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