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What is Fifth Disease? All That You Need to Know


A condition where the child has classic slapped cheek appearance on the face, as a result of infection.

Affects children, common viral illness found among 1 in six children. [1]

- May not require medical examinations and lab tests
- Short-term illness among children
- Usually self-treatable
- May require medical treatment if rashes turn into purple color

A condition caused by human parvovirus B19 among children. Rashes which are mild and blotchy begin to appear on face and cheeks. It is a contagious viral infection which is caused especially during the spring and winter seasons.

Ages affected - Rare condition in infants and adults, mostly caused to children between the age of five to fifteen years.


It is a mild condition which can be cured without medical treatment. Symptoms of cough, red cheeks may appear on the skin and cheeks area.

People may experience
Fever - low grade and mild fever
Red cheeks - bright and red cheeks
Rash - flat rash near legs and arms
Pain - less common condition and pain near joints or a headache


Generally cured by itself, one should consult a healthcare provider in case of symptoms persisting for very long or if the rashes start turning into purple in color. Plenty of fluids and rest is needed.

Non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs may be used in certain cases by doctors if required, in order to relieve from pain and fever.

Consult your healthcare provider in case the situation persists. At mfine, we are here to support you and help you with holistic health program for your requirements.

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