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Epigastric Pain: Suffering from severe abdomen pain


The pain felt right below the ribs generally confined or localized to the region of the upper abdomen.

Abdominal pain, indigestion and heartburn affects about 25% percent of the global population every year. [1]

- Requires immediate diagnosis as it is painful and hinders normal eating
- Occurs in both men and women
- Can be felt during pregnancy
- Generally acute, can get serious if not attended

Epigastric pain is often experienced while eating or immediately after eating your meal. It may also occur if a person lies down too soon after eating. It may also occur due to the inflammation of the digestive organ. A pregnant woman feels it due to the increased abdominal pressure.

Ages affected:

Ages: 3 to 14 years - Rare
Ages 15 to 45 years - Common
Above 45 years - Most common

Symptoms include pain, heartburn, indigestion, burning sensation in the abdomen etc.

It is self-diagnosable but one needs to be sure of the area of the origin of the pain.

People may Experience

-Pain in the abdomen and upper chest
-Indigestion of food


Self-care: Pain due to overeating can be countered by changing diet. 25-30 minutes of daily exercise helps in digestion.

Medications:Taking Vitamin B supplements to stop vomiting and antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor.

Specialist: If the pain still persists, book an appointment with mfine. We will take care of all your health concerns with the help of our specialists.

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