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Enterobius Vermicularis: Everything You Need to Know


A pinworm infection that affects children most commonly

Pinworm is the most common worm infection in the United States.[1]

- Spreads easily
- Can be treated by a medical professional
- Lab testing or imaging mostly required
- Short-term: resolves within weeks, but can be recurrent

Humans are host to parasites such as the pinworms, which are tiny, fairly harmless worms. The infection is likely to spread if anyone contacts with pinworm eggs, which can be easily inhaled even as they are airborne. Categorized as helminths, these pinworms are more common in children and can sometimes breed in the appendix or stomach. The infection rarely causes any serious physical problems except for the main symptom, which is severe rectal itching.

Ages affected: Ages between 5 and 11: most often; Adults: even sometimes


Symptoms are usually rare to detect, but mainly include severe rectal itching.

People may experience:
Whole body: Restlessness, sleeplessness, or difficulty sleeping
Pinworms: Live, thin, white, that are present usually in the child’s anus or in the stool
Also common: In rare cases, nausea, loss of appetite, involuntary urinating at night, or secondary bacterial infections


Self-care: Household cleaning strategies and proper hygiene are always advisable for both the affected children and others around them. Creams can be used to reduce itching.

Medication: Various courses of oral medication can be taken. Multiple doses of the medication are required in case reinfestation of pinworm eggs takes place.

Specialists: For medical treatment, consult a pediatrician or a physician. At mfine, we pay close attention to every detail about your medical history to provide holistic treatment options.

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