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Enterobiasis: Everything to know


Recurrent itching near the anal area even when you are asleep.
About 10% of the population are affected by Enterobiasis. [1]

- Common in children.
- Can affect both boys and girls
- It is a communicable disease
- Can be acute and chronic
Enterobiasis commonly occurs in children. The disease spreads through inhaling or swallowing the pinworm eggs. There are no serious symptoms that one can observe apart from the main symptom of rectal itching. It causes difficulty in sleeping and restlessness. The vagina and anus of girls and boys, respectively, are affected wherein the bacteria resides.
Ages affected – mostly in children, rarely – in adults.


Symptoms include itching near anal area, restlessness, difficulty in sleeping, constant scratching, and inflammation in the fallopian tube, all of which are reasons that need attention and consultation of a physician.
People may experience
- Nausea
- Appetite loss
- Vomiting
- Stomach pain can occur
- Urine is discharged involuntarily at night
- Pinworms noted in the faeces initially


Self care:
Washing anal area and vagina in morning after waking up, taking shower, changing underwear and bed spread daily, washing nightclothes, washcloths, underwear, and bed sheets in hot water and drying under sunlight, avoid nail-biting, and trim nails on a regular basis. Practice washing hands before eating or after having a bowel.

Consult a physician for medication and apply petroleum jelly to the infected area.

In case of worsening of anal area, consult a physician. At mfine, we provide the best care for children. Visit Mfine to experience world-class treatments and lead a healthy life.

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